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Investigative Bible Discussion: 4 weeks starting Oct 1

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We're doing it again---- another Bring Your Questions IBD!
For four weeks we’ll discuss questions each Tuesday night that YOU come up with. Becky and Lee (our facilitators) will choose from questions YOU send us ahead of time. For each question, we'll send a summary sheet and "three interpretations" sheet the week before to help you prepare for the discussion. (Those are samples, of course.)

So, we need your questions! Here are some guidelines that may help. We prefer questions on a topic that:
1. Is limited in scope

  • Example of a good question: Was Jesus more stringent or more lenient on divorce than the Old Testament?

  • Example of a question we probably wouldn’t use: What is God’s design for relationships between men and women? (This is probably too broad to cover in one night.)

2. Relates to something within or about the BibleExample of a good question: I’ve heard it said that God created the world ex nihilo (out of nothing). Does the Bible really back this up?

  • Example of a question we probably wouldn’t use: Why does the universe exist? (This is a fun theoretical question but exploring it may take us too far outside the Bible.)

  • Example of a good question: Why in the world did Paul command married women to cover their heads in 1 Corinthians, and are we supposed to follow this today? (We tackled this one already, tho! It was a great discussion about temporal customs vs. God's plan for us.)

  • Example of a question we probably wouldn’t use: Why do most societies throughout history treat men and women differently? (Again, this probably takes us too far outside the Bible.)

If no questions are coming to mind, this site might help drum some up for you--it's a series of short questions people ask Greg Boyd, a well-respected pastor & theologian.

Our ultimate aim is to take what we learn and apply it to how we live the gospel in our daily lives and how we converse the gospel with friends, family, and colleagues. Please plan on prioritizing these four Tuesday nights if you join us!

When? 7:30 on the following 4 Tuesdays:

  • October 1

  • October 8

  • October 15

  • October 22

Where? Rocklands BBQ UPSTAIRS
Who's leading? Lee Ferron and Becky Turco
What's to eat? They have amazing BBQ (see the menu). If you want to grab food, come a little early to order.
What's the topic? It's Bring Your Questions 3.0

RSVP Space is limited, so let us know if you're interested (and please also submit up to 5 questions) by clicking here. Feel free to forward this to friends who might be interested. This might be a good time to invite curious (not convinced) friends!