Live Your Best Life Now, Here In Wonderful Exile!

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As a country, it seems like we never get out of campaign-mode these days, especially for D.C. dwellers. Between election dates it’s just a mad scramble to make or block policies always with an eye on the next campaign that will finally put the right people or person in charge - then we can relax - THEN everything will be fixed - then things will be great!

Even in our own lives, there’s always just one more thing keeping us from being our “best selves.” One more promotion. A raise. A better apartment. 10 less pounds. A dog. A spouse. Kids! 

With all our focus on a future time when all will be right, the people and needs of the world around us are easy to brush-off in the face of “not yet!” “Not now!” When I have things more together - when I have time or cash!” And we think, “I’ll get to that as soon as I’m in a better place.” 

But as Jerry explains at this month’s Navigators 20s/30s brunch, Jeremiah 29 reminds us we “can’t wait for our real lives to begin.” And doing so, placing all our hopes on that one more thing or person to fix us, risks the sin of idolatry.

Even in the midst of disappointment, daily frustrations, half-baked careers, and the burden of our cosmic incompleteness - this uncomfortable exile from the real lives we’re supposed to be living - we’re called to grow gardens, build homes, and create a future. Not based on our desires, but in the rich soil and rocks of the everyday where God has planted us.

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What is Discipleship, anyway?

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Discipleship. It’s such a fuzzy term and we believe it needs some attention. Doug described what we mean by it, and he brought one of his young friends to come along and add his input to the mix. We hope this sparks your interest because we’re working on a series of discipleship tools and concepts to be illuminated this year. What in the world does it mean to abide in Christ? How do I lead a Bible study? What are the essentials of the gospel message? How do I live this out, anyway? What about work, community, relationships, all that stuff? We’ll be talking about it.

We caught Doug’s audio and the handout. I hope this helps you.

Ray and BJ Blunt - Reflections on Joys and Sorrows of Extended Family


You know how when you meet people who are older than you, maybe even a lot older, they seem to have it together and are wise and available and all that? We tend to think that’s the way it’s always been for them. Their lives must have been smooth, maybe even easy. This is the first reaction some might have to Ray and BJ Blunt. They have two grown children and seven grandchildren, all living close by. That sounds easy, right? Well, it turns out their lives are fairly smooth today (not counting the various medical traumas that visit most people from time to time) , but boy, it has not always been so. This is what I love about having Ray and BJ speak about families at Christmastime. There has been STUFF with them over the years, hard things that stretched on for a long time, things that still prompt regret and sorrow but also things that have been at least partially redeemed. I hope this makes you curious.

I’m posting most of the audio (we missed the first few minutes, sorry) and all of Ray’s notes. You’ll be able to pick out from the Audio version BJ’s comments. I patched part of what BJ read from the Truman Capote writing into Ray’s notes.