Tell me more about these Second Saturday Brunches…

There's always plenty of bacon and coffee

Every month between September and May we host a large gathering for simply getting together, hanging out, eating and hearing a speaker. It’s always a different topic and the talk is never long, usually about 30 minutes. One month it might be about family relationships, another month maybe managing personal finances, another on politics as believers, another on getting to know coworkers.

It’s always at Anne’s house in North Arlington, always at 10:30, and there’s always plenty of bacon and coffee.

Who comes?  Some months, lots of people; other months, only a handful, but usually it’s about 20-30 people of all ages. Some bring friends and food, too.  Some are mentors and some are mentees. Some are newcomers to DC, and some have been here a long time.

It’s relaxed and doesn’t take up the whole day. You can come late and leave early or come early and stay late!

If you’d like to be on the invitation list, head to the Contact page by clicking here.