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What's an Investigative Bible Discussion?

This is a 4-session weekly series of substantive Bible discussion around a particular topic. Typically, it’s held at a local restaurant on a weeknight 7:30-9. Facilitated by a Nav staff person, topics range all over the place. Here’s a sampling of the choices offered in the past:

  1. What’s up with Old Testament violence, such as when the Israelites took the “promised land”? Does that violence cause a problem for our understanding of God or Scripture?
  2. What are practical tips for engaging in evangelism as a lifestyle?
  3. How does the Bible define “church”? What’s the point of a church anyway?
  4. How did the minor prophets critique their own culture and the cultures around them? How did this change when the Israelites were the majority/minority culture?
  5. How should Christians understand the Bible in relation to science, including as to the creation account?

These are very small groups, 6-8 people each. Does this interest you?  Contact Anne.