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October 2019 Monthly Brunch -- Hope you can come!

Communicating Christ In Real Life

The Vulgar Tongue

Filmmaker Kevin Hackenberg

Filmmaker Kevin Hackenberg

We've all seen a conversation shut-down the minute someone slips into "Christian-ese." When the big moment comes - a friend seems open to learning more or a colleague comes with a personal problem to share - we can fall back on our church words.

The way we communicate can create unnecessary divisions and reinforce the worst stereotypes about Christians.

We'll talk about how we communicate our faith in the "vulgar tongue" - the way real people talk and where the real people are.

We'll have all the bacon and coffee we'll need, and if you'd like to bring something to eat, great! It's fun when people bring some of their favorite things. But if you'd just like to kick in some money, a couple of dollars will do it. And if it's your first time being with us, don't bring anything -- just come along to enjoy God and meet new friends.

Where: Anne’s house in N Arlington, VA