Christie Dondero Bettwy spoke at the 2nd Saturday Brunch on March 9

Christie at brunch.JPG

She did an amazing job of helping us better understand the issues and challenges of loving or being someone who struggles with disordered eating.

More than 30 million Americans will battle an eating disorder at some point in their lifetime, and only 1 in 10 get treatment due to affordability, accessibility and stigma. Christie Dondero Bettwy serves as Executive Director for Rock Recovery, a Washington, DC-based organization dedicated to bridging eating-disorder treatment gaps. She will share her thoughts and story. Everybody counts things very, very important to them; she counted calories and pounds, as do many of us. But the application doesn't stop there. What about Likes? Dollars? Miles? Steps? You get the idea.
Come and bring a buddy-- maybe you have one who obsessively counts something, too.

How does this fit with our theme of discipleship? It's part of life. That fits.