Gary Brown on Life at Work and Life Alone: God is Present and at Work in Both

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Gary led us through a study of 1 Samuel 17, the story of David and Goliath. He made the point, among others, that God had been preparing David for this intense and famous event through weeks and months and years of (likely boring and lonely) shepherding work that provided plenty of downtime for slinging rocks at other rocks, perfecting his aim. Sharpening up his harp-playing skills. It might have been hard for him to square all that with his already-revealed destiny of kingship, right? We don’t often see God’s purposes in the early, boring and frustrating positions we hold in life, but we know He’s got His purposes, and that we can trust Him to use everything. May we be compliant and even grateful for His plans for us. 

Interested in the 37-minute recording?