Doug Weber: Life Stages According to God's Plan

Doug joined us for Second Saturday Brunch in September. He's been something of a guru for many people, specializing in The Big Picture of living in the Kingdom. He gave us a rundown of what to expect and when from all the different stages of our lives. So much of it was recognizable! Here's the audio file, in case you missed it. 

Doug graduated from Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota. He taught junior and senior high school English and worked for various political campaigns before joining The Navigators staff in 1996. Doug and his wife, Janea, worked with students at the University of Massachusetts, Penn State, South Dakota State, and Cornell, before moving to Northern Virginia in 2012. Currently, Doug works with The Navigators in Washington, DC, interacting with government staff and officials on the topic of integrating faith into all of life.

The Life Stages Graph (based on the work of Paul Stanley of the Leadership Development Network)