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April 13 Brunch! It's the 2nd Saturday!

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Brian Barnett and Anne Cregger will share their own stories and will give clues to help you find yours. These story arcs are not random... and they matter.

The stories of our lives are not as haphazard as they might sometimes appear. We all have highs and lows, pasts and presents, that give our lives texture and strength. They also, properly considered, provide pathways to a deeper relationship with God and help for others looking for Him. 

Brian and Anne come from different backgrounds. He says life seems to go ahead and happen while you're planning. She says she never really had a plan and has become convinced that you never quite know until later whether what just happened is good news or bad. Come for the discussion. Bring questions.

And invite a friend-- maybe you have one who would be curious about this whole faith/story thing. And come hungry!