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Fall Investigative Bible Discussion

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Once again on Thursdays this fall at Le Pain Quotidian in Clarendon we'll have 4 weeks of intense discussion. Space is tight, so let us know as soon as possible if you're interested in joining us. 

Topic:  Three Big Questions about Sin and Judgment

We haven't finalized the Three Big Q's yet. But here are some of the Q's under consideration:

- How is sin actually defined in the Bible? (sub-question: how did Jesus enhance/alter the existing Jewish understanding of sin?)

- Are there different levels of sin in the Bible? (sub-question: does the existence of different gradients of sin allow us to' judge' the behavior of other brothers and sisters in Christ?)

- What is the connection between our judgment of others and how God will judge us? (sub-question: are we all to be judged in the same way, and how does this affect how we are to 'judge' others?)

Our ultimate aim is to take what we learn and apply it to how we live the gospel in our daily lives AND how we converse the gospel with friends, family, and colleagues. Please plan on prioritizing these four Thursday nights if you join us!
Space is limited, so let us know if you're interested by clicking below. Feel free to forward this to friends who might be interested. 


  • September 20

  • September 27

  • October 4

  • October 11