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Hike and a Meal - National Zoo and NW Washington

Cleveland Park, National Zoo and Klingle Trail (part of Rock Creek Park) this time - then a meal at Cafe Deluxe in NW DC


2Amy's is out of the picture because of their water pipe issue, but we'll still meet up at 3250 Rodman St NW, park on the street, head down Connecticut Ave and wind our way through the National Zoo, up the Klingle Trail to Macomb, up to Cafe Deluxe for great American food and then back downhill to Rodman St. It's a Figure Eight. Join us for any or all of it! 

Date: Saturday, July 21, 2018
When do we start? 5 pm
Where will we start? Meet up at 3250 Rodman St NW (just a place where we can park next to a park). Click here for the map.
Where will we eat (get to the important part)? Cafe Deluxe
When do you think we'll finish? ~7-8 pm
What to bring: friends, water, cash or plastic for dinner.
If it rains: let's just meet for dinner - I'll make reservations! 

Hope you can come! It's an easy urban hike, very beautiful and not heavily traveled, except for the Zoo.

To RSVP (just so we'll know who to be looking for) or to ask questions, click here.