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November 10 Brunch! Unlocking Harry Potter’s World for Our World

Jerry Fourroux CCO

Jerry Fourroux CCO

Jerry’s returning to take us further into the gospel truths displayed again and again in popular literary art, specifically the Harry Potter series. You don’t have to be any kind of expert on this work to enjoy his illumination of the gospel message as it reveals itself in these books.

Jerry Fourroux is Pastor of Lycoming Centre Presbyterian Church (ECO) and Associate Staff at Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO).  Jerry loves to tell stories, especially the Good Story, to help people make sense of their life, finding their purpose and vision.  He joined in this journey with Hesed Fourroux, his amazing wife, and four adventurous children, JD (9), Zedek (7), Hope (4), and Anastasia (2).

Hope you can come— bring a friend! Two!

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