Meet Anne Cregger

Nav20s City Leader

Washington, DC

As a native to the Washington, DC and Northern Virginia area, I appreciate its complexities and challenges more every year.

My discipleship of people in their 20s began in 1994 with the launch of the Fellows Program at The Falls Church (Now TFC Anglican), where I ... 

In 2010, The Navigators invited me to lead Nav20s DC, where I now get to spend most of my time meeting with young people searching for greater connection with God and others of like mindedness.  Their origins, family dynamics, faith and professions vary, and it is always my privilege to help them find greater connection and meaning as they settle into this rich metro area.

Just before joining The Navigators, I spent 10 years in the field of corporate leadership development, working with both federal agencies and nonprofits on their organizational development needs. Tasked with facilitating discussions around mentoring, emotional intelligence and organizational dynamics, I learned a great deal about the human need for connection and understanding in their lives. This has informed greatly my approach to the Nav20s DC ministry and my work with 20- and 30-somethings.

Iā€™m married to George Patterson, a practicing ophthalmologist. Between us we have six grown children and three grandchildren. We love the community we have found while living in the North Arlington area of Virginia.

I'd love to hear from you.